All photos were taken in Times Square as I was lucky enough to be staying right there

cute lanterns at a cute little Mexican restaurant there 
a wall made up of half guitars at the epic Hard Rock Cafe 
just a few of the many broadway shows playing at the time 
My heart melted when I saw these Marchesa dresses in person (FYI Marchesa is defo one of my fave designers)

90s LOVE dress - one of my favourites from the shopping spree I went on and is from a H&M sale
I find that the H&M stores in England and New York have more stock and more sales 


University work has officially taken over my life! So I apologize buuuuuuut.. 
I have reading week now to study for midterm exams so we shall finally catch up my darlings.

Let's start with a little throwback to the summer..

So I finally managed to visit the city where all roads of ambition lead to A.K.A. New York. 
I fell madly, crazy, deeply in love with it. It really does live up to it's name and is the utmost best
place to be in if you're in the fashion industry.

Sadly my trip was only a couple of days so I wasn't able to travel or shop everywhere I wanted to
 but I must say, the clothes on the market there are definitely right on trend compared to here,
where the trends come to retail stores later in comparison to other cities. It's the same
with England, fashion moves faster there just like New York which is another thing
that I do dearly miss but whatever.. at least we
have online shopping to compensate!

Time really did get the best of me as the trip was super short. However, I'll name a few
places I would recommend shopping at when in New York. I didn't actually get to go to a lot
of these but I've heard they are great stores.
Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's, Macy's, Century 21 and Canal Street.
In the Soho neighbourhood:
Wonder, Uniqlo, Kiosk, Madewell, Babel Fair, Love Adorned, Creatures of Comfort,
Free People, Purlsoho, Mackenzie-childs and Wink.

A specific store I really wanted to visit in Soho is LF after seeing their Instagram page,
they have really unique stuff and it's super affordable! So sad I didn't
get to go but check out their Instagram page:

Also, feel free to follow me on tumblr
It mostly consists of images of fashion and style and..
 Chris Brown (yes I'm slightly obsessed with the man but c'mon he's perfection) 

Throwback Tuesday?? Woohoo!! Haha this song randomly popped into my head while writing this post and I haven't heard it in so long! Just thought I'd share it with you (: 

Until next time.. hugs and kisses 

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