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 Hey beauties!
I'm so sorry about barely posting anything this past month. Life can be so unpredictable sometimes and sometimes those moments have the ability to turn your life upside down. Lucky for you I won't bore you with my excuses for not being able to post so let's pick up where we left off.

First lets talk outfit details! (For some elements you may not be able to notice, yet they add so much to the outfit) I would like to point out that my amazing new booties have false screws in each corner of the metal sheet which wraps around the heel, which I thought was ingenious for added edge. I got them recently and they were $60, so grab 'em fast girls! My blazer/jacket has beautiful embroidery all over the front only and it is part of H&M's eco- friendly 'conscious' line which is an added bonus. I got my jeans around a year ago from good old Primark, they're so light and airy which is the best type of denim for the warmer weather! I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair of distressed boyfriend jeans though, so I'll keep you posted!

About a week or so ago I went to Ryerson University's fashion show called Mass Exodus, which showcases their graduating class' designs and takes place every year. I must say, I was definitely impressed with the innovative designs the students brought to the table. The show gave me some much needed inspiration and also some hope and excitement for Toronto's new generation of designers to make it onto the scene in the next few years!

 Amazing pre-show brunch! Cinnamon french toast with pecans, raisins and  whipped cream - even better with maple syrup on top ;)
a really quirky, fun collection that I would totally wear on a daily basis 
 such a pretty tool skirt with the falling flowers 
fell in love with this beautiful Indian outfit with an embroidered net overcoat 
 this dress reminded me of marchesa so much!
 We also kinda jumped the fence to meet the amazing iconic model Stacey McKenzie, who was the curator at the show. She's such a lovely down-to-earth person!

Just because the guilt of not posting in a while has consumed me so much, I will share a song that I have had stuck on repeat recently, love Wale!

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