Shock! Horror! I'm alive! I apologize for disappearing on you amazing people but I promise that I'm going to be back and back with a bang. The past month or so has been so crazy for me with final assignments, prom, my 18th birthday (woo hoo!!), exams and graduation! Can't believe I'm finally done high school, the past four years have been hella crazy, filled with many ups and downs however, I am incredibly excited to start off this new chapter of my life! The best part being able to study my passion at university this fall. 

I'd like to share with you a few prom pictures featuring the dress that was fully designed and made by yours truly, moi. The design incorporates two dresses that can be worn separately or layered. I was inspired by the traditional Indian sari and wanted to try and mesh both western and eastern cultures together in an original way. The actual day of prom was absolutely insane.. filled with assignments due on the day of, losing nail gems and late hairdressers which resulted in a rushed 10-minute-make-up-job and a grumpy face but here ya go! (it still turned out to be an amazing, memorable night aside from my moaning by the way)

the wind altered the way the dress is draped here but tis my only solo picture
with a good friend of mine and how the draping on the dress is 
actually supposed to look
a closer view of the ruching on the inner dress and my glittery 
up-do that fell out by the end of the night :(
 a better look at the way the dress drapes on me
and my pretty pretty bejeweled prom nails!

I'll be back soon ;)
take care dolls!

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